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Our continued goal is growth.

There must be a rock solid foundation for sustainable success and continued growth. Do you have educational or work experience in the field of marketing, communications, or public relations? If so, we’d like to hear from you.

Events Services

Our event-based marketing approach extends the reach of digital marketing by taking promotions live. By being an in-person presence, we can respond to feedback in real time.

Communications Specialists

We help our clients by managing the external communication of their company, and represent the company to the outside world.

Marketing Strategy

We understand marketing as a science. Business-wise, our strategy takes the form of an appropriate and intelligible corporate vision that clearly defines the paths chosen by each organization to maximize the expectations of our clients, employees and affiliates.

Management Solutions

In the current competitive market environment, we solve challenges involved in hindering performance by duly customizing the value proposition to the client, together with a substantial improvement in productivity in the distribution model.

Elevate your career development with Elevation in the following fields:


Position responsibilities include:

• Building relationships with customers and giving quick informative marketing presentations
• Training and coaching new employees (upon advancement to a leadership position)
• Leading and motivating a team
• Learning behind-the-scenes operations of a small business
• Practicing marketing techniques
• Managing a non-profit marketing funnel

We Provide:

• Hands-on training, on-the-job
• National travel opportunities
• A supportive team culture and healthy work environment
• A competitive pay structure
• One-on-one coaching for professional development


• Great communication skills
• Professional image and demeanor
• Ability to motivate and inspire others
• A college education is preferred, but not required


Management Training

Responsibilities of an Management Trainee Representative:

• Conduct marketing presentations

• Tailor services to meet the needs of our clients’ customers

• Manage a territory and customer base

• Meet weekly performance goals and metrics

Areas of training and development for Management Trainees:

• Oversee business communications (marketing systems, client services, account acquisition, presentations, relationship building, and account management)

• Team leadership and coaching (how to train, coach and mentor others effectively)

• Business essentials (public speaking, crucial conversations, budgeting, goal setting, driving revenue, campaign and territory management)

We Provide:

• Promotions opportunities

• An education-based, supportive atmosphere

• Weekly competitions and bonuses

• On-the-job training and great work experience

• Travel opportunities for top representatives (national and international)


This recruitment position works closely with both the marketing  team and management, so GREAT communication skills are a MUST!

As a recruiter, you will learn about the consulting industry, recruiting techniques and strategies, marketing, compliance, human resources, management, and daily office operations.


  • Human resources management
  • Consulting and reviewing potential applicants resumes
  • Recruitment and Scheduling
  • Participation in daily business operations
  • Job advertisement
  • Administrative tasks


  • 2-4 year degree; Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • At least 1 year of experience in retail, customer service, restaurant, hospitality, or office work
  • A professional image is a must
  • Ability to interact efficiently with a wide array of clients and customers.
  • Travel opportunities for top representatives (national and international)

Paid Internships

At Elevation we offer Fall, Spring, and Summer Internships. Our internships are open to candidates with all types of backgrounds.
The role starts Entry-Level and has the potential to move into an intensive leadership development 12-week course. 

Training focuses on:

  • Situational and strategic leadership
  • Time management and self-management skills
  • Business management training
  • Non-profit and marketing education

Benefits of Interning with Elevation

  • PAID internships
  • Opportunity to move into a leadership position or full-time position
  • Weekly Team Outings
  • Fun and Energetic Team Atmosphere
  • One on One meetings with our CEO
  • Travel Opportunities
  • National and Regional Conferences
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Gain Valuable experience and accomplishments

Transfer Programs

With over 30 affiliates nation-wide, we organize exchange and relocation possibilities for both permanent roles as well as training opportunities.

Office Expantions

Our future partners are eligible to assist in the opening and expansion of our services into new cities and markets.

Vacations and Retreats

We believe in rewarding our people. We even provide annual R&R retreats to encourage team bonding.

Looking For More

Looking for travel and relocation opportunities?

Are you itching for travel and new experiences? If so we may be the right opportunity for you as our company continues to expand its horizons.

Our Junior Partners typically use our travel and expansion program to boost their career advancement efforts and get a fresh start in a new city and/or state.

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